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| 4 Locos, aka four crazy people…

In 2018 four co-workers decided to take the plunge and open a restaurant together – 4 Locos was born. With the help of our guests’ and friends’ our new adventure has been a great success so far. Here’s to the future.

| An Argentine steak restaurant and
much more…

Alongside our Purley restaurant we also offer a catering service and the opportunity for you to have one of our skilled chefs cook up a feast in your home. You can also order our delicious dishes direct to your front door. Either directly from us or through one of our delivery partners. 


She’s pragmatic, precise and
highly organised.
The Head Chef
that makes the
kitchen run perfectly. She has a wide range
of experience in
well known restaurants and Gastro Pubs including Virgin Roof Gardens, Terroirs
and The Arms Bow.


He’s the artist,
the grill guru,
the man capable
of transforming
simple ingredients
into a masterpiece.
As an international chef,
Guillermo has worked
in many different countries and has
been enthusiastic
about cuisine
since childhood.


A mixology artist passionate about
beers and wine.
His experience
includes creating
the beverage department of one
of most important
UK restaurant chain.
He is FOH leader
and mentors our staff to deliver the best service.

4 Locos - Alessandro


A wide background
in hospitality,
with over 30 years’ experience managing restaurants and clubs
in two different continents,
with a deep knowledge of finance, P&L, H.R. and Marketing.
He is the company Finance Director and Operations Manager.

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4 Locos | ©2021
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